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Investing in new windows can be a daunting prospect. With windows being such a permanent feature to your home, it’s important to consider a range of factors.

What To Consider When Choosing a Window Style

What do you want to do with your new windows? Maybe you’re looking to save money, or just let some light in. Each style comes with a range of benefits, some more specific, others more cost effective. Let’s explore the positives, and the negatives of each style.

Ventilation, Light and Colour

Let’s face it, these are the biggest factors when looking at which style to go for. Fresh morning air and sunshine are very important to a home. Some windows do a better job at this than others, for example, bay and French windows would be best for light. However, double hung and vertical sliding sash are better for ventilation. It’s also worth thinking about limited styles. Skylights and bay are limited by their use, and both rotating and tilt and turn are restricted by space. All styles come in a range of colours to suit your home.

Windows Cost & Saving Energy

Awning, casement and single hung windows are the best value for money. These styles tend to be the easiest to make and fit. It’s a hard line to walk, the middle ground between cost effective and stylish. Different styles often affect the look of your property, but so does the material used. Let’s look at the different kinds of plastics and metals you could use and what the benefits are.

upvc bay window


Popular since the 1970’s, uPVC has led the window market due to its cheap production. White uPVC windows are a cost effective option. However, uPVC also comes in different colours, making it that much easier to add colour and improve the look of your home.

Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows are also common. They are particularly popular in a cold house. If you often have trouble keeping your home warm, then double glazing is best for you. Unfortunately, this does come with a bigger price tag.

Choose Amman Valley Windows To Fit Your New Glazing

Ultimately, the decision of which of window to opt for is unique to you. Some of us care more for the price tag than the style, or you could be looking to save some space or create light from above. All the styles mentioned here have amazing benefits. Seeing them laid out in front you will make this decision that little bit easier. Maybe you’re still at a loss for which style is for you? Perhaps you’ve looked at all the benefits and know exactly what you want? Either way, be sure to contact us to take the next step, or for assistance in whatever you might need.

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