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Double glazing has become a key staple of home improvement. When renovating your home, one of the key aspects that most consultants will home-in on is whether your windows are single or double glazed. But what does this mean?

A double-glazed window is, technically, two windows layered over one another. These layers of glass are separated by a thin gap that is roughly 16–19mm deep. Altogether, this fixture makes up a double glazed window; quite literally two panes of glass.

But why do this? What are the benefits of outfitting your home with double-glazed windows?

Double Glazing Insulates Your Home

You may be wondering, ‘what exactly is the point in putting a layer of air between two panes of glass?’ The answer is ‘insulation’.
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Noise Insulation

Double-glazed windows reduce the amount of noise that makes it into your home. Sound can move through a single pane of glass with little difficulty. However, two sheets of glass, separated by a gap of empty air, changes the game entirely. When noise hits a double-glazed window, sound travels through the first pane of glass and diffuses itself amidst the empty air on the other side. Then, whatever is left of the sound hits the second pane, further muffling the noise.

For most homes, this is usually enough to effectively soundproof your home. However, in some cases, this may not be enough. Those living amidst heavy noise pollution (airports, city centres, near motorways, etc) may find that double glazing is simply not enough. In such cases, we would recommend triple glazing for true peace of mind. Contact us for a consultation to find out what kind of glazing would be best for your home’s specific environment.

Heat Insulation

In addition to noise reduction, a huge aspect of double glazing it that it insulates heat. That gap between windowpanes doesn’t just diffuse noise, it resists heat loss. They will keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. It even reduces condensation.

For most UK homes, double glazing is more than enough to properly insulate your home against the heat or the cold. However, if you are concerned about extreme weather conditions affecting your home or are looking to fully optimise your home’s insulating, then it may be worth upgrading to triple glazing. Inquire with one of our experts for more information on which type of window glazing would be best for you.

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Double Glazed Windows Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Double-glazed windows are fantastic insulators against heat loss. A knock-on effect of this is that you could radically reduce your energy bills. The rising energy price cap has seen energy prices go through the roof, with the average household bill rising by £700. Because of this, people are understandably looking for any way to reduce their fuel costs.

Double, or even triple glazing is a fantastic way to invest in your home and undercut those rising energy prices.

Double Glazed Windows Are Safer

With multiple layers of glass in use, double-glazed windows are much more difficult to break. Not only does this make them significantly safer to use, as they are less at risk of breaking, but it also makes them more secure. Exterior breaks will almost always leave the interior pane intact and vice versa. As such, if an accident does happen, then you can rest easy knowing that you still have a functioning window while waiting on a repair.
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Contact Amman Valley Windows Today For More Information On Double Glazed Windows

If you would like to find out more about double or triple glazing, then then feel free to contact us for more information. One of our friendly experts will be happy to walk you through all you need to know. You can even book in a free consultation to see what windows specifically would be best for your home. All of our windows come with a 10-year guarantee and both our products and our technicians are CERTASS registered and certified. Give us a call today!
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