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It can be tempting to leave well enough alone when it comes to windows. If they’re not cracked or broken, then what’s the problem? Unfortunately, the answer is: a lot. Neglecting aged and decrepit windows can lead to a whole host of issues for you and your home. This gives you a while host of reasons to refit and revitalise your home:

Preventing Leaks

Replacing your windows is essential to prevent the leaks. Aging windows are likely to start letting in water over time. This is something that can lead water damage, damp, and mould. Any of these issues would be enough reason to replace a window, but all of them

Lower Those Energy Bills

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Domestic energy prices in the UK have shot up by £700 since the most recent rise in the price cap and are showing no indication of going anywhere but up. Replace your windows with in date, heat-insulating models to keep your home warmer for longer and cheaper.

Get Rid Of Noise Pollution

Replacing your windows ensures that you won’t have to deal with the noise of the outside when you don’t want to. A window in poor repair or at the end of its lifespan, will be worn away and thin. This makes it easier for sound to make its way into your home from the outside. On the other hand, upgrading your windows to a double, or even triple glazing, can virtually soundproof your home.

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Protect Your Health And Safety

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Making sure to replace your old windows is paramount for your health and safety. Whereas modern windows, such as double glazing, are reliable and sturdy, older, worn-down windows are fragile and prone to breaking. While nobody is expecting glass to be infragile, you should be confident that your windows can stand up to more than a stiff breeze. Broken glass at inopportune moments, can be a terrible risk to your own health and safety. To say nothing of the issues that come with letting the elements into your home. Protect your home and yourself by replacing your old windows with new ones. 

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