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Heat Costs Are On The Rise

By now, everyone is aware of the rising energy costs that are sweeping across the UK. The average cost of heating per household has risen by an average of £700. It is unlikely that these prices are going to drop anytime soon. If fact, it is more than likely that they will continue rising as the fuel crisis persists.

The question on everybody’s mind is simple. ‘How can I reduce the amount of energy I’m using to heat my home?’ And, while there are a variety of conscientious measures that people can take in their day-to-day, they are not long-term solutions to the problem at large.

Improve Your Home’s Fuel Efficiency

In order to properly and permanently reduce the amount of energy your home uses to keep itself warm, you need to improve its ability to retain heat.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of recommended home improvements to protect you against the rise in domestic energy prices, cutting your bills down to size:

Double Glazing/ Triple Glazing

brown upvc window

Among their many benefits, double, or even triple-glazed windows are fantastic heat insulators. Double-glazed windows sport two panes of glass separated by a small gap of air. This gap diffuses temperature differentials between in the inside and outside of your home. It keeps your home warm during the winter months, while locking the heat out during the summer.

Locking the heat in is essential to keeping your energy bills down and that is exactly what double glazed windows do.

Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof

A conservatory is a wonderful way to expand your home and turn a slice of your garden into a brilliant new living space. However, great as they are, poorly planned conservatories can leach the heat from your home. Glass conservatory roofs, especially single-pane glass, presents a massive problem for homeowners. Not only to they bleed heat in the winter, but they magnify the sunlight during the summer, making it virtually unliveable.

Make sure that your conservatory roof isn’t stealing heat from you. At bare minimum, it should be double glazed. After that, you should consider window tinting or blinds to block out the worst of the sun during the summer months. The best option, however, is a tiled conservatory roof. Tiled conservatory roofs are fantastic insulators. Not only do they keep the cold air out, but they are also far less affected by rainfall, both in terms temperature and noise pollution. Make sure that that your conservatory isn’t hiking the price of your fuel bills and upgrade its roof if you haven’t already.

inside of conservatory


Close up of metal roof tile

A less known, and certainly less considered avenue of heat loss is your home’s roofline. A rooflines that in proper repair, within its lifespan, and constructed from the proper materials has fantastic heat insulation abilities. Moreover, a faulty roofline can result in water and damp making their way into your home. This leads to a whole host of issues, among which is that water and damp conduct heat. While the issue persists, this heat conduction will permeate your home, making it hotter and more humid during the summer and that much colder during the winter.

Make sure that your roofline is using up to date heat insulating materials and in good repair to keep your energy bills down.

Door Insulation

We’ve all heard the line, ‘are we heating the rest of Britain now?’ when we were children who’d forgotten to close the front door. We often don’t think about how true that is though. A high-quality door is essential to proper heat insulation. They should have proper sealant, double-glazed glass, and be properly fitted to the space they are meant to occupy.

Don’t let your front door treat your house like a barn. Inspect and upgrade your entryway to guarantee and maintain lower energy bills.

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UK 60's bungalow with slate roof, white quartz render and upvc double glazed windows and front porch.

Looking to go the extra mile in preventing your front door from expelling heat from your home? Consider investing in a porch for your home. They create an excellent addition to your living space and provide an addition barrier against heat loss. They are constructed with heat insulation in mind are a great way to cut down on your energy bills and add value to your home at the same time.

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