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Guttering is often overlooked for the key role it plays in the function of our homes. In fact, drainage in general can be taken for granted. However, its so vital for preventing problems around your property. Good drainage, both below and above ground in your house, should be functioning well to avoid flooding and water damage. Your gutters are the first point of contact for rain. If they’re not working properly, it could lead to roof and flood damage around your home. Here’s what you can do to keep your system running smoothly.

What To Consider When Cleaning Your Guttering

The first thing to consider with guttering maintenance is clearing them. A blocked gutter is a useless gutter. Specific times of year like autumn and spring are the best times to check for a blocked roof line. The main culprits are moss, leaves, and seeds/flowers from surrounding trees.

Another useful tip is to inspect your down pipes for clogs too, its not just the gutters that collect debris but your down pipes too.

Avoid Flooding, Water Damage & Fascia Rotting

By maintaining your guttering appropriately, you can avoid these three consequences. The water that sits on your roofline when they’re clogged can cause flooding during heavy storms and water damage to windowsills, doors and frames. Even your fascia’s can rot, which is what the guttering is directly connected to.

Gutter Guards

It’s worth mentioning that a great way to prevent gutter and down pipe clogs is to install gutter guards. These will significantly lower the chances of your guttering clogging, as well as making them easier to clean when the time comes.

Preventing Damage Without Guttering Maintenance

If you don’t have the time or the ability to clean the gutters yourself, and if you cannot afford a professional service to do it for you, then there’s another preventative measure you can take. Using uPVC products in your home completely removes the risk of rotting that you would get with timber. It also helps prevent water damage if you do get an overflow.

Guttering Maintenance
Gutter Guard

Get in Touch with Amann Valley Windows for Your Guttering, Fascia & Soffit Needs

You’ve seen all the reasons to never ignore your guttering maintenance and why regular cleaning has so many benefits. However, if it’s too late and now you need to replace some of these features on your home, contact Amann Valley Windows for a free quote. We can also provide assistance with our Certass certified selection of products.

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