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uPVC door

Shopping around for a new door, but not sure what to go for? Consider investing in uPVC. It’s an affordable, durable and versatile material that prioritises your comfort, security and aesthetic values. So, what else does it have to offer, and how can it benefit your home? Keep reading to find out.

Cost Effective & Versatile

Compared to competitors like aluminium and wood, uPVC is incredibly affordable without reneging on quality. This is ideal if you want multiple doors of the same style in your home, without breaking the bank. Our doors are also versatile and come in a variety of colours and styles, so you don’t have to concern yourself with disagreeable colour schemes. If you’re looking for cost effectiveness and flexible design choices, uPVC is unparalleled. Plus, they’re low maintenance and easy to clean.

Great Insulators & Energy Efficient

Discussions on climate change are hard to ignore these days, so if you can’t beat them, why not join them? UPVC doors are an excellent choice for the eco-conscious (which, realistically, we should all aspire to be). UPVC is an excellent insulator and does a stellar job of locking the heat in and keeping cold out. It’ll also regulate the heat inside your home, which saves you cash on your energy bill. UPVC is 100% recyclable, so it poses no risk to the environment. Amongst all its competitors, uPVC is one of the top contenders for its eco properties and energy-saving qualities. It’s a win-win.

UPVC Doors Are Strong & Sturdy

On top of its versatility and eco-efficiency, uPVC is also a durable material that is designed to last and withstand harsh weather climates. You can expect it to serve between 20-30 years, but even longer is possible under prime and well-maintained conditions. UPVC is resistant to weathering, peeling and other unsightly marks that occur over time, keeping your door in optimal condition for as long as possible. It’s a strong and resilient material that is notoriously difficult to damage, so if security is an issue, uPVC is worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can, but a lot of work and research should be conducted to avoid disappointment. There are a number of conditions you must satisfy first, including warranty checks. You need to ensure your door is amenable to paint and that you have the correct supplies for the job. This may include a primer and sealant, so do your homework first.

UPVC is relatively easy to clean. Soap and warm water is all you need to remove stubborn stains. You can also use a white vinegar solution or, in cases of more robust dirt, dedicated products on the market that de-grime uPVC. These are more costly, so it’s worth raiding your cupboards at home first.

Potentially, but only under extreme weather conditions. In places like the UK where the weather oscillates between varying degrees of mild, it’s highly improbable. UPVC is capable of expanding in temperatures upwards of 40°C, which isn’t something you should be concerned about in our current weather climate!

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