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Porches are a great feature for any home. As the first thing you see when you enter a property, it’s important not only to have the best porch that suits you, but to understand its benefits too. From big to small, ornate to functional, adding a porch to your home can come with many advantages. They improve the look of your property but add to its functionality too.

Amann Valley Windows has a range of products to customize and create the perfect porch for your house, so with that in mind let’s look at the benefits they can provide.

Different Types Of Porches

There are three different types of porches available for your property, our designers here at Amman Valley Windows have years of experience tailoring those designs to fit your home.

Front Porch

Freestanding uPVC

These are usually mostly glass with uPVC frames, although that’s not to say you can’t opt for uPVC panelling if you’re looking for a bit more privacy. These types of porches are highly customizable and cost effective. The go-to choice if you’re on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice space.


Infill canopies are very similar to freestanding and boast the same features mostly. However, these porches tend to be used specifically for those with alcoves or covered entrances to their home.


Canopies are the simplest of all the alcoves, usually just a straightforward structure with weather protection in mind. Often, these are your cheapest option. This makes them a great choice if the cost is a concern.

The Advantages Of Installing Porches

Other than the obvious aesthetic of installing a porch, there are several benefits that come with this particular property feature. Some of the benefits are in utility and practicality, others more based around luxury and cost effectiveness.


The most obvious of all the benefits, adding to the footprint of your home is going to create more space. This can be used in many ways, which leads us on to our next benefit…


Storage. This is important if your property is lacking in storage space, or maybe you’ve filled the cupboards already. One of our porches could be exactly what you need.


When adding another door, another lock and another entrance to your home, you can greatly increase your house’s security. If this is something you’re worried about, installing a porch could give you peace of mind.


A porch acts as an airlock. Adding this extra room onto your house provides a seal and insulation. High-quality porches from Amman Valley Windows could lower your heating bill straight away!

Contact Amman Valley Windows About Porches

If what we’ve covered about the different types of porches and their benefits has inspired you to install one, get in touch with Amman Valley Windows.

Our highly skilled, fully qualified staff can create and fit a beautiful porch for you and your property. We are Certass certified to guarantee our work and pride ourselves on a great product for you.

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